Clay Aiken Identity & Stationery

Just after he’d appeared on American Idol, Clay Aiken was looking to have personal stationery made. He was interested in working with a design firm located in Raleigh (his hometown) and the Anoroc Agency was able to win his business.

Aiken wanted letterhead for hand-writing notes to fans and those he was working for/with, and business cards for his management team.

I created the interlocking “C.A.” logo while the art director I was working with created the “Clay Aiken” type treatment. After that was approved we created layouts with a few variations of the (very specific) colors that Aiken asked us to use. Two quick approval meetings were all that was required before the project went to press.

Yupo synthetic paper was used for the letterhead, as it felt timely and interesting, and it was a nice pairing with Aiken’s preference to write in Sharpie (only a permanent felt-tip pen could write well on the stock). A generic offset-printable clear plastic was used for the business card.



Clay Aiken (for the Anoroc Agency)


Graphic Design