Connect NC Bond Campaign

The Connect NC Bond was placed on the ballot for the North Carolina primary in 2016. Among the entities that would benefit from the passing of this referendum were the National Guard, the state parks, the water and sewer systems, and many of the State’s universities and community colleges — including NC State. Thus it was in NC State’s interest to raise public awareness about this bond.

University Communications produced a fully-integrated marketing campaign to accomplish this, which included print and digital advertising, a destination mini-site, printable collateral including a one-page fact sheet and poster, featured news stories, social media posts, video assets, and branded HTML emails. I was the art director on this project, and it was both exciting and challenging to work on something of this scale.

The Connect NC Bond passed with a high approval rating, and University Communications’ work was cited by both NC State’s and North Carolina’s leadership as a significant contribution to this outcome.



NC State University


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