Digital Magazine Platform

Many of the colleges, units, and centers across NC State have a history of producing printed magazines. These are typically published twice or four times a year and feature various in-depth, human-interest-type pieces, with the hopes of engaging alumni, potential donors, and the public at large. Some of these entities have recently decided to “go digital” with their magazines, and have looked to University Commmunications for the solution. We opted to come up with an overall system (essentially a consistent visual and technical “foundation” with plenty of room for alteration/customization) that would allow us to quickly meet the growing demand as time goes on.

The desire for an impactful, modern editorial feel from this platform means that a designer, photographer, and developer must still be involved in putting together the main visuals for each issue, but our clients are able to do much of the rest of the content population themselves, drafting and publishing some of the stories completely on their own.

I was the art director on this project, overseeing the designers and photographers who were involved, and working closely with writers, developers, photographers, and project managers on every step of the its creation. It continues to evolve and grow with each new publication we take on.