Endowments Seed Success Animation

The Vice Chancellor for Advancement at NC State asked University Communications to produce a short video to help explain and promote the idea of endowment gifts. This was to be something that would make sense in a variety of situations, whether it was an advancement officer playing it on their laptop during a sit-down with a potential donor, or a clip from it being posted on social media during a specific push for gifts.

I met with the University Treasurer and learned that, with an endowment, the initial gift is invested and it is mostly the interest on this that is spent by the institution. This immediately brought to mind a fruit tree that is planted, producing useful goods year-after-year. I decided to use this simple metaphor to demonstrate this.

I wrote the initial script for this piece and did the illustration work and storyboarding. I then worked with a writer and animator to produce the final product. The possibility that it would be used on social media influenced this project in many ways: it is as short as possible, it can be watched and understood with sound off (all the necessary language is rendered text), and all the important action takes place in the center of the screen so it translates well into a square format.



NC State University Advancement


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design