Logos, Etc.

Some of the things I’ve created that are emblematic in nature:

  • My personal mark, which I wanted to keep simple while showcasing both design and illustration abilities.
  • A logo for Shae Laurel, a family band that plays celtic and folk music. I was asked for something scripty (which did seem appropriate, given the historical nature of the songs the group performed), and I was asked to work a “shae laurel” (Celtic for a “crown of laurel worn on the head”) in, if at all possible. With the basic idea taken care of early, most of my time was spent getting the “calligraphy” right.
  • A lock-up for NC State, for use as the art on t-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items. The only direction I received was that my design needed to contain university’s logo and tagline. I set out to create something that felt classically “collegiate” without resorting to the all-too-familiar block-serif type.
  • A logotype and illustrative mark (shown together) for a Raleigh-based microbrewery. I was nudged in the more playful direction but basically given free reign on this project. In researching Sheffield, England, I found that one of the city’s claims to fame is it is featured in The Canterbury Tales. I went for something that eluded to the medieval-era, and the manner in which we might think that beer was consumed back then.
  • A word-cloud-inspired graphic, for use by the university’s Office of International Affairs as the art on a t-shirt. The word “Wolfpack” is represented in the 21 top languages spoken by the NC State’s students. Translation and font issues abounded thoughout this project, but I was happy with the end result.
  • NC State University’s official seal, which I was asked to redraw in 2013. Various digital versions of it had been made through the years, via magic-wand-selection or auto-tracing of scans, but the results were mediocre — there was a need to recreate it, line-by-line, as vector art. This project pushed my Illustrator abilities to their limits, but I enjoyed doing something that required a slower pace and careful attention to detail.





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