The Campaign for NC State Identity and Materials

In late 2016, NC State launched the public phase of a $1.6 billion capital campaign called "Think and Do the Extraordinary." NC State worked with an outside agency to develop an overall communications strategy, the name of the campaign, and a high-level promotional video, but University Communications was responsible for the campaign's visual identity, and production of all the materials needed to promote and support the effort. Deliverables included a website, HTML emails, a printed case statement, digital and printed ads, environmental graphics, social media assets, a toolkit of collateral for use by non-designers, launch event visuals, and much more.

I served as art director on this project and worked closely with our creative director to first develop an overall direction, then a modular set of marks and a photographic style that both fit within the university’s brand and pushed it into new visual territory (alluding to the campaign's mission to propel the university forward). I pitched these concepts to senior leadership throughout the university and got buy-in, and then oversaw a team of four designers and three photographers as we put these new aesthic conventions to use. I also took part in selecting several outside vendors who we brought in to work on various projects as the workload demanded.

More info on the process and results can be found in University Communications' case study of the project.