NC State 2014 Institutional Message Webpage

Given the large audience that college football draws, and the fact that the schools are given a chance to run a 30-second TV spot during each of their games, University Communications finds itself looking at and refining what it wants to tell the rest of the world about NC State each year.

After production on a commercial has wrapped, a web presence that showcases it and expands on its concepts is created. 2014’s focus was the technological advancements coming out of NC State and the fact that they have a positive effect on so many people. The spot featured animated illustrations done by our creative director.

I was lead designer on the webpage and found I was able to consolidate the content into a single “blown-out” webpage. I used the stills from the animation as design elements throughout the page, as well as creating a new graphic to display on a tablet and shoot with a model and photographer, producing the extra-large “hero image” for the top of the page.



NC State University


Design, Strategy