Results Magazine

NC State’s Results has existed as a 8.5x11" glossy magazine since the mid-2000s. Between 10 and 12 of the most compelling research stories coming out of the university are selected for inclusion in each quarterly issue.

After working on the design team that updated the look of the publication in 2010 — revising the masthead, typography, and page layout options — I was tasked with designing the next eight issues. Each time around, I attended editorial meetings, working with an editor, creative director, writers, and photographers to decide what subject matter would wind up in each issue, and how we would feature it visually.

During this time, Results was considered one of the university’s most important publications, and it went out to over 17,000 recipients. I had to ensure that each page was carefully type-set and each photo was teched optimally for press, often with multiple rounds of revisions.

I was also in charge of migrating this content into an HTML email, which meant another round of editing photos and type-setting via HTML to achieve the best design in that (much more limited) format.



NC State University Office of Research, Development and Economic Impact


Design, Strategy, Development