(Version 4)

This is the previous version of this site, that I had up from 2009-2015. It was both my first attempt at a “clean, simple” layout that put presenting content over design flourishes, and the first project that I worked on using Wordpress, which truly opened eyes to the power of a database.

I think this design worked very well for where I was as a designer, and where the web was at the time. Things that I chose to rethink from this version of my site to the current one include:

  • Not being responsive. This was not being emphasized nearly as much then as it is now.
  • The multi-column design. I’m not sure multi-column is bad for presentation of content, but full-page-width “blocks” are clearly the standard (at least for my type of site) right now, making the columns seemed dated.
  • The footer. I had a lot of stuff (contact info, social/rss links, photos I wanted to share) at the bottom of the page in this design. The “active footer” seems to me to have been a trend that came and went in the mid-late 2000s. I saw it enough to convince me that maybe people were scrolling all the way down to look at content and I tried it on this site, but I never fully bought into the idea.
  • Lightboxing my portfolio images. I’m not against light-boxing per se, but I think there are better ways to present a portfolio online. The shots of my work also displayed way too small.
  • My blog on my homepage. I kept a regular online journal from 2004–2010. I really enjoyed doing it, and actually got to the point where I had a modest following, but as I got older, my life got busier, and it became really difficult to write well enough, often enough. In true current-internet fashion, I’ve traded the long-form blog out for a “mini-blog” which just features quick links to things I’ve discovered online that I find interesting.



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