(Version 5)

A few notes about this site:

  • The primary purpose of is to showcase my design and illustration work. Thus, I strove to keep the layout simple, without a lot of design elements and colors that would compete with my portfolio pieces.
  • The only other large body of content that I wanted to give a special presence was my “Assorted Links” — things that I run across online and and want to share, from a wide variety of fields that interest me. I’ve been logging these for over 10 years, and have developed a taxonomy for tagging my entries. This “mini-blog” is probably an archive for my own use more than anything else, which is fine with me.
  • My highest priority for the site’s layout was that it be responsive, so I built it on top of Bootstrap. It was my first time using the framework and, after getting a basic prototype of the site working at the largest width, I was happy to discover that probably 75% of the reflowing I wanted worked by default. It definitely saved a huge amount of front-end coding time.
  • Due to time constraints, I built out as a “static” pages. Some of the features that I’ve placed on the pages are not working yet, as they are dependent on a database. I couldn’t be sure when my schedule would permit me to turn this site into a Wordpress theme, so as soon as I had my content and front-end code (i.e. the skills I advertise on this site) finished, I went ahead and launched in “beta.”



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