Sorry Kevin CD Packaging

I designed this CD packaging for a (now defunct) start-up record label for a (now defunct) band that I played drums in the early 2000s.

The “Fortune Cookie” album title had its origins in an inside joke that, frankly, is neither interesting nor funny enough to be worth explaining, but it did provide me with an opportunity to scan in and play around with the low-quality, yet still somehow compelling graphics from a variety of Chinese take-out menus.

It was also a fun challenge to figure out how to make the end-product seem high-end on a shoe-string, indie-label budget. I designed the paper case so that, when laid flat, it would fit entirely on 8.5x11" stock. Guides were printed right along with the art, and each of the 500 cases were hand-cut, -scored, and -assembled by ourselves and a few Cold Heaven employees. Since I knew this would be the process and how large our run would be, I included an area on the back where each one could be hand-numbered.



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