Wedding Invitation, Etc.

When I got engaged at the end of 2004, I was very excited by all the design opportunities that the upcoming wedding would provide. I had just inherited a 5x7" Kelsey letterpress and a collection of wood and metal type that had belonged to my grandfather, and I took this opportunity to use it. Given that this equipment had been shuffled around in various storage locations for decades, the type collections were mostly in poor states of organization and completeness. I decided to let the limited “font” options inform the design direction, opting for more playful layouts where shifting type faces and sizes seemed natural.

Jumping right into hand-setting and getting a good design would have taken a lot of trial-and-error. I instead created a digital version of my type collection, by finding faces and sizes in my fonts that approximated what I had in the type drawers. I then did my layout work in Illustrator, flipped and mirrored my final version (as this is how it looks when you actually set the type), printed this out, and used it as a guide to set the type to. With a crew of friends to help us, my wife and I printed our save-the-date calendars, rsvp cards, and thank you cards on my 5x7" press, and the 17x5.5", accordian-folded invitation on a larger Heidelberg press we had access to. All of these designs were two-color, so everything required two different printing dates.

I also designed the ceremony program, reception place-cards, and a website as part of the “colatteral.”



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